Indochina Woman #1

Indochina Woman #1 By Nguyen Quang Huy 2006

Indochina Girl #86 By Nguyen Quang Huy 2007

Nguyen Quang Huy, one of Hanoi’s finest young artists, was born in 1971 in Ha Tay, in the North of Vietnam.  Huy’s work combines silhouetted forms painted in fields of color with enigmatic writing which is used as a graphic element. His work is mysterious; he does not explicitly spell out its meaning. He consistently uses biomorphic shapes bathed in color and illegible script in his works which range from small works on rice paper to large works on canvas that measure several meters in length and width.

Indochina Girl #30 By Nguyen Quang Huy 2005

I chose these oil on canvas paintings as I when I first saw Indochina Woman #1 I thought it was a black and white photo. I am intrigued by this artist ability.Mr. Huy is a contemporary artist,  I do not understand or properly appreciate some of his more abstract art, however, his realist works are exceptionally fine!! He is a major talent and I hope to see more of his work in the future.


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  1. Thanks for bringing out this artist, I don’t know if I ever would have run into him otherwise. I too thought that one piece was a black and white photograph, and I was extremely impressed with the emotional quality he’d achieved through the lens! Guess it wasn’t a lens at all!
    I really liked the last one you posted, the image of the girl’s eye’s looking up through a hole in the universe the size and shape of a typical yoga pose. Speaks to the common humanity of us all as well as to the way we shut out those we see as the “other’ and the longing and displacement felt by those shut out.

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