So- It took me no less then 3 hours to figure out how to “create” this blog and get something posted! I am not computer illiterate but this was an unexpected assignment and quite a  stretch for me. Well, as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger-or maims you for life! LOL Now it is done I am looking forward to using it!


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    Lisa Kljaich Says:

    Nice job! You got your blog up and running. Sorry that it was such a stretch. My biggest hint for you is this: you have to use the UPDATE button on the right hand side for your blog to be saved.
    You’re not quite done – you need to upload an image or a photo.

    You will be adding to your blog in your first blogging assignment that you will find in the lesson unit – Northern Renaissance. In that assignment you will be writing about one of the pieces you enjoyed from the Renaissance era (both Italian and Northern). You will share it on your blog along with a presentation of how the work you shared demonstrates the influences of religion, science or politics during the Renaissance.

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